Dog Shower Sprinkler
Dog Shower Sprinkler
Dog Shower Sprinkler
Dog Shower Sprinkler
Dog Shower Sprinkler
Dog Shower Sprinkler

Dog Shower Sprinkler

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This Dog Shower Sprinkler rinses and cleans your dogs, shower walls, babies, dirty boots, houseplants, hair or whatever needs rinsing more quickly and easily than ever before.

Unlike those other sprayers which require you to hook up an adapter to be able to use them, this revolutionary Shower Sprinkler temporarily attaches to your shower head or sink faucet via a stretchy connector.

Its connector stretches up to 7 times its original size without ripping so you can use it on a bathroom sink, shower head, or kitchen sink whenever you want.

It makes bathing your dog so much less of a chore and a wet mess. The stream is gentle enough that it doesn't bother your furry friend but strong enough to rinse shampoo and conditioner thoroughly.


☑️ Easily rinse and clean your dog or the shower without getting wet.

☑️ Slips on and of in seconds: Makes rinsing, cleaning and bathing fast and easy.

☑️ Allows you to direct the spray of water wherever you want it to go5 foot long hose reaches every corner of your shower.

☑️ Stretches up to 7 times its size without ripping: Fits showerheads and sink faucets up to 5 inches in diameter.

☑️ Lightweight, compact and extra durable.

☑️ No installation required

It stays in place without leaking when bathing your dog or cleaning your showers. Comes with 5 foot long hose so you will be able to reach any corner of your shower. The 2 in 1 design allows separating the hose in half so it becomes more convenient for sink use.

IMPORTANT: When connecting the silicone connector, please reduce the water flow. The tub spout may have high pressure and could damage the connector.

Limited Time Offer: The price is going up again very soon! There are very few stocks left at this price.

Shipping: Due to the high demand and the current pandemic situation, please allow 18-28 business days for delivery. Once the item has been shipped tracking will be immediately emailed to you.

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